Video is powerful! Learn how to use it for your business and create simple videos to showcase your expertise, and not spend 1000's of dollars to do it...View Details

All businesses NEED to be on social media...but it doesn't have to mean you LIVE on social media. Here are my quick tips for making social media for y...View Details

Through the content you write on your website, you can control about 50% of the factors that determine where we rank on Google. Here's the simple guid...View Details

Are you using Lead Magnets to capture data from leads and prepare them to buy from you? Here's the quick-start way to create your first lead magnet re...View Details

I love coffee and blogging. In today's episode, I share how blogging is like brewing a cup of coffee! For more information about content marketing, bl...View Details

How do you write when you don't know what to write about? Today I share my top favourite FREE tools to help you brainstorm content for your business i...View Details

It's more than a cool alliteration. Blogging is best for business...and here are my top 4 reasons why you should be blogging regularly in your busines...View Details

What are the 7 essential parts of the BEST blog headlines? Blog titles that make Facebook or Twitter users stop scrolling and take notice? I share the...View Details

Today I'm going to share what you need to know about hiring a ghostwriter for your business and a few of the reasons it will help you grow your busine...View Details

Do you struggle coming up with topics for your blog or content marketing? Here are a few of my favourite (free) strategies to develop content topics f...View Details

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